Restore Retreat

 You asked for it, we listened! 

Wellspring announces Restore Retreats (“Adult Bounce”). 

If you are an adult who experienced a major negative life event which continues to affect your life, our Restore Retreat is designed for you. The event could be an old, childhood wound (such as neglect, abuse) or a more recent major loss or tragedy. 

In everyday life, there is often no safe place, protected time, or skilled guide to attend to the emotional and spiritual wounds of life. Restore Retreats are designed to provide these things. Take a break from daily responsibilities, join others who are traveling a similar journey, and find freedom from the painful losses in your life. Now is the time for healing so that you can honor what has happened to you, but still move on to live well in the present. 

Spaces are limited. Your small group will be with 3-4 other people, carefully matched with you by type of loss. We will begin on Sunday night with introductions and music. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are scheduled from 9am-5pm with teaching, small groups, experiential therapies and an individual session. The retreat includes specialized trauma therapeutic techniques carefully selected for each aspect of your time with us. You will learn how to recover from major losses or tragedies, discover that you are not alone in your journey, and have the safety and time to explore and heal the details of your personal experiences. On Thursday, we will finish by noon, with a wrap up, celebration of your progress and help for you to make plans to integrate the new you into your old life. 

Don’t worry about the process either. You will not be asked to share beyond your level of comfort, and you can also work privately as needed. Although this is a faith-based program, participants of any or no faith are welcome and respected.

This transformational opportunity is offered uniquely in this skilled, safe environment created just for you. Take a risk and a turn to care for yourself. Consider this short stay as a “hospital for your soul”. You will never be the same.  


Dates: Begins Sunday, November 3, 7pm. Ends Thursday, November 7, 2019, 12noon. 

Providers: Tova Kreps, LCSW, President of Wellspring Counseling, will be the event host and main speaker. Wellspring therapists, who are each skilled trauma specialists, will join Tova to provide this effective program. 

Location: A beautiful estate in the Redlands. 

Cost: $1750 – includes all programming, therapy, snacks and lunches from Sunday evening through Thursday noon. Upfront payment in full is discounted to $1600. 

Housing: This is a day retreat for most participants. On site housing in this beautiful estate is available for a limited number of participants on a first come, first serve basis. An additional cost of $800 will cover extra meals and your room. Discounts apply for couples or friends who share rooms or bathrooms. Call 786-573-7010 for details and availability information.